ERA – How Outsourcing Can Benefit Your Business

As an entrepreneur/operator of your own business or the executive of a company with ultimate responsibility for its success, you are in a state of continual competition. Of course you’re competing against your commercial rivals for the business of your customers, but you are also competing against the age old adversary – passage of time.

To be more precise you are not actually competing with time itself, but you are competing with your business rivals to make better use of time. Undoubtedly some do this better than others, and that is where the real competition takes place. Naturally this is not news to you. As a business manager you understand the importance of productivity and time management as it is impacted by your employees.

On the other hand maybe you haven’t given too much thought to your own productivity and that of your top management. After all you are the planner, motivator and operational backbone. It is certainly fair to say that the success of your company depends upon your skills and creativity in steering your organization in the direction that will maximize success. Is it possible you are not as productive as you might be in your own battle against time? Are you as competitive as your business rivals? Consider this:

According to the United States Small Business Administration (SBA), small business owners/managers spend almost 25% of their time on paperwork related to their employees – that is to say paperwork that is non income producing.

Of course this is not to say that you necessarily spend that much time on paperwork. Perhaps you have already recognized such tasks are not a cost effective use of your time, and you have delegated these tasks to another management person down the line. The question remains, “Is your top management as productive as it can be?”

If not, you will find that not only much of the repetitious tedious paperwork can be shifted to a more cost effective solution, but that you can avail yourself of expertise that could help your company avoid costly litigation and potential financial disasters. Employee Resource Administration has professional Human Resource personnel that will guide you through the perilous pitfalls of employee hiring and termination, as well as managing EEOC, State Employment Commission, and OSHA encounters. Carefully planned outsourcing can greatly enhance your productivity, competitiveness and effective use of time.